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A Day at Sequoyah

As the doors open at Sequoyah Elementary, the staff members and safety patrol team greet arriving students. Some students are dropped off by their parents, while others navigate the neighborhood as they journey to school. 

The school has an open campus feel, to ensure student safety staff members, City Year, and Safety Patrol station throughout the campus. The atmosphere is joyful as the teams greet students with high fives, hugs, and chants.

Sequoyah has a blue path on campus to guide students around safely. Students have the option of following the road to a very nutritious breakfast in the cafeteria or directly to the gymnasium. When the bell rings, students make their way to their classroom, where they greet their teachers. Teachers welcome students with a hug, high 10, or dance moves. 

Teachers present these options to students for multiple reasons. Not only does it make the student feel welcomed and well-received, but it helps them to identify if students aren't up feeling well. If a student that usually asks for hugs wants a high five today, it may signify the student isn't feeling good. Teachers then have the opportunity to help and connect with students on a better level.

Once students are in the classroom, they begin the day with a "Do Now" activity. On Mondays during Rise and Shine, the announcements, the pledge, and national anthems are done in the gym before students go to class. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, these are done over the intercom after the first bell. Once that is done, students begin to dig into the workday.
Some classes begin the day with a morning meeting. These meetings include a variety of different activities that are used as SEL activities to help give students a sense of belonging and build positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

At Sequoyah Elementary School, students in pre-k through fifth grade are self-contained with one teacher throughout the school year. All students learn a variety of subjects, including reading, math, science, and social studies. 

Students in the sixth-grade schedules are a little different. They visit different teachers throughout the school day. Some Sequoyah students are in one-way dual-language classes in Kindergarten through 6th grade, where students learn reading in their native language Spanish and math in English. Also, students get to participate in adventure classes for art, music, physical education, computers, and the library. 

Once the clock strikes 11:00 a.m., students transition between lunch to recess. They are given 20 minutes to eat in the cafeteria, where they choose from a variety of food choices. Later in the day, students will have a healthy snack. From there, weather permitting, students follow the blue path around to the playground where they are given another 20 minutes to play with friends. To promote health and wellness, students must walk, jog, or run two laps around the Sequoyah track before free play. Once students have had their fun in the sun, they return to the classroom to continue learning. The second half of the day begins, and students dive back into the curriculum.
The school day concludes at 2:35, and students line up in preparation for dismissal. Although the day has ended for most, some students stick around a little longer for after school activities.

Sequoyah offers students multiple after school programs, some lasting until 5:30 p.m. These programs provide students with different opportunities and resources. Some students enroll in the YMCA Go Club, where they experience organized activities and play until it is time to go home. There is also a Bike Club, which gave away over 200 bikes to students last year. The Bike Club also teaches students bike safety and fixes broken bikes to get them rolling again. Sequoyah also offers the Good News Club and Boy Scouts.

Sequoyah Elementary School places its students in the center and surrounds them with love and knowledge. They strive for all students to feel comfortable, happy and supported. Sequoyah looks to continue to have an outstanding school year!